Shihpoo I Maltipoo I Malshi I Puppies For Sale

Shihpoo I Maltipoo I Malshi I Puppies For Sale Shihpoo I Maltipoo I Malshi I Puppies For Sale Shihpoo I Maltipoo I Malshi I Puppies For Sale



Hey there! Here at Brick House Puppies we are a small family-owned business dedicated to providing healthy, and happy puppies for families seeking a new furry friend.  

We raise Shihpoo, Maltipoo, and Malshi puppies and value their loving temperaments. We have two children that love to socialize and play with them in the yard.  In the first couple months  of a puppy's life we focus our time to playing and interacting with our puppies, early crate training and adapting them to everyday life. This keeps our puppies energetic, and living a happy, playful puppy-hood! 

Healthy Bloodline


 Our puppies for sale are First Generation (F1) hybrids, which gives them excellent medical benefits and specific traits passed on from each carefully chosen AKC purebred parent. 


Shihtzu + Bichon Frise = Shichon

Shihtzu + Toy Poodle = Shihpoo 

Maltese + Toy Poodle = Maltipoo

Maltese + Shihtzu= Malshi

Our Shihpoo, Maltipoo, and Malshi puppies are hypoallergenic and considered non-shedding, the perfect house pet!  They are small, loyal, cuddly and are yet playful, friendly and intelligent.  The "Teddy Bear" appearance created by the combination of our purebred parents is one of our favorite traits!  Our puppies for sale range from 6-14 pounds as adults, based on past litters and parent weights.  

We are the owners of both AKC purebred, Dad and Mom.  They are well checked every year by our licensed Veterinarian.  It is very important to us that we keep the standard of the (F1) hybrid at its best and provide a healthy bloodline in all of our  puppies for sale!

Adopt a puppy

Our little pups are sure to warm your heart with their sweet temperaments and loving personalities! They are ready to bring lots of love and joy to your home!

The puppies will be ready to go home when they are 10 weeks old.  They will be up to date with all of their vaccinations, and will have a head to toe inspection from our Veterinarian.  They will also have a Health guarantee against genetic defects and a life time of support along your puppy journey!

We understand that it can be a hard decision on what puppy is right for you and your family, depending on which traits and qualities you are looking for! We are available to Facetime, Skype, and/or schedule a time for you to stop by for a visit! 

Our Story

 We wanted to give you a little glimpse into who we are and why. Our names are Jaydon and Risa, and we live in a small brick house, in small town USA! Since this is our very first house that we bought together, it's a pretty special to us, so we landed on the name "Brick House Puppies".  My husbands parents have been raising puppies for 20 years and have helped us off to a good start. We are very thankful for their wisdom and healthy bloodlines they are willing to share with us! He has always had a special love for dogs.  I also share a love for animals,  as I grew up with an array of animals, including cats, dogs, and horses. Since marrying my husband five years ago, I have absolutely fallen in love with these little puppies. Now we have two little boys, and to say that they adore the puppies is an understatement! So we decided to bring our shared love, passion, and experience to life. We would be honored if you came along with us on our journey!


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